We are a group of individuals who are driven about wanting to impact the teens of our communities for the better. All of us feel led by God to use the gifts He has given us; not only share the love of Jesus Christ, but to also lead teenagers through tough times in their lives and give them the knowlege on how to overcome obsticals.


Connie Sadler

Executive Director


Hi! I’m Connie Sadler. I serve as the Executive Director of Youth for Christ/Western Illinois.

In the five year I’ve been a part of this ministry, I’ve seen God absolutely transform the lives of young people. When you see the lights come on in a teen’s eyes, and watch what happens when that kid starts to understand who he or she is in Christ—that’s why I do what I do.

I love the fact that you’re here reading our bios. If you’ve gotten this far into the website, it says that we share a genuine interest in the work of Youth for Christ/Western Illinois! Click the contact button and find out how you can connect and be a part of the work with teens in Western Illinois! 


Bill Walker

Campus Life Director


Hi, my name is Bill Walker. I'm a ministry director with Western IL YFC. I currently lead Macomb, and Bushnell high school campus life. I also am the community center director at the CCC in bushnell.

I'm 29 years old, and have a daughter named Sara. I've been a Christian for a relatively short time. January 2012, I trusted Jesus Christ as my savior, and it's been a crazy ride.

I'm a big kid at heart. I have many hobbies, including, disc golf, basketball, and video games. I love goofing around, and hanging with teens. I also love ministry, evangelism, and discipleship. I like the study of theology and philosophy and also creation science is really interesting to me.



Todd rodeffer

Campus Life Director/ Development


Hi! I’m Todd Rodeffer and I have the privilege to be a campus life director for Jr. High in Bushnell, Illinois. I also get to be apart of the development team for Youth for Christ/Western Illinois.

I had heard the gospel very clearly growing up in a bible believing and preaching church.  Many good Sunday school teachers had an impact along the way.

Each person makes the decision whether to believer or not, but we want to give each teen the opportunity to make and informed decision about the person, works, and teachings of Jesus; all the while, giving them valuable life lessons to help them in difficult situations that occur in life.