One kid's journey to God



In our March newsletter we shared the story of a kid whose heart had turned toward hope in God. We asked for you to pray about his jour-ney to faith. This is his continued story. 

This young man had been closed to Christ for a long time. In fact, he was fairly hostile toward religion in general. He would tell you that some traumatic experiences had turned him away from belief in God. But as you know, God works in mysterious ways. 

As shared last time, he came back to Campus Life several weeks ago. Life had fallen apart for him. His long time girlfriend had broken up with him, and he was on a soul search. He was looking for a purpose. As God’s word says, “If you seek me you will find me.” Through the influence of YFC Campus Life and family, he responded to an altar call at a local church. This guy, an atheist just a few weeks before, has now trusted Christ as his Savior. 

So he brought his little sister to Campus Life. And I was able to strike up a conversation with her that started like this: “Have you noticed how your brother is differ-ent? What do you think happened?” 

“I don’t know,” she said. 

“I do,” was my response. 

Thanks for your prayers for this kid and his journey. Please pray for his new faith, a faith in Christ that you prayed for, a faith that you gave toward. You made this amazing thing happen for him, and through God’s power he is already at work reaching his little sister. Please pray for her to come to know Christ too!