An Unexpected Opportunity


Recently a bunch of Middle School kids went over to Todd’s farm for a cookout, swimming and summer fun. One girl stayed afterward and, as it turned out, she had a lot to process. 

Middle school is a time of varying degrees of chaos. Everything changes. Life is in a continuous state of transition. But life starts to slowly sort itself out, and just when it does, it’s time to make the next big transition: high school! 

This young lady was headed there. She would be going from the top of theMiddle School social chain to being a Freshman. New school, new challenges, and she was pretty scared about it all. You and Todd and the team at Campus Life Middle School are key to reaching into the chaos of Middle School with the message of Christ’s love and stability. Please pray that she’ll stay with us and attend Campus Life High School. Not all kids do. 

This was a key time to connect with this young teen, and you were there, partnering financially to reach into her life with God’s story of redemption!